§ 9-40. Official records.  

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  • The fire code official shall keep official records as required by sections 104.6.1 through 104.6.4. Such official records shall be retained for not less than five (5) years or for as long as the structure or activity to which such records relate remains in existence, unless otherwise provided by other regulations.


    Approvals . A record of approvals shall be maintained by the fire code official and shall be available for public inspection during business hours in accordance with applicable laws.


    Inspections . The fire code official shall keep a record of each inspection made, including notices and orders issued, showing the findings and disposition of each.


    Fire records . The fire department shall keep a record of fires occurring within its jurisdiction and of facts concerning the same, including statistics as to the extent of such fires and the damage caused thereby, together with other information as required by the fire code official.


    Administrative . Application for modification, alternative methods or materials and the final decision of the fire code official shall be in writing and shall be officially recorded in the permanent records of the fire code official.

(Ord. No. 2016-04, 3-14-2016)